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Listed are the most competitive prices for shares on offer. People wanting to buy shares have their offers listed in green, with the price per share at the top and the number of shares they want at the bottom. People wanting to sell shares are listed in red in the same manner.

Trading has ceased since bumpsdaq 2005 is now over. Thanks for playing!

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May Bumps - Friday£0.10
May Bumps - Saturday£0.10

Hmmm. Just bought 1 Corpus share, and my net value increased by about 4000.

I hope that Hughes get caught out on this one, random subbing for the GoR is hardly fair.

Anyone know how Catz 2 are looking, as they might end up ahead of us and chasing Corpus....
Although having said that;

Look at the 2nd article here;
Perhaps, but I've actually seen at least 2 Corpus men's VIIIs out over the last week or so. Yesterday (Saturday) there was a Corpus crew sparring with a Maggie crew, and I think I saw the Corpus 1st VIII out in Men's hour recently.
Struggling to put together a first men's eight let alone 3...

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