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Listed are the most competitive prices for shares on offer. People wanting to buy shares have their offers listed in green, with the price per share at the top and the number of shares they want at the bottom. People wanting to sell shares are listed in red in the same manner.

Trading has ceased since bumpsdaq 2005 is now over. Thanks for playing!

Dividends Paid

Summer Head to Head£0.20
City Sprint Regatta£0.35
Bedford Amateur Regatta£1.80
99s Regatta£0.05
Peterborough Regatta - Sunday£1.60
May Bumps - Wednesday£0.10
May Bumps - Thursday£0.30
May Bumps - Friday£0.40
May Bumps - Saturday£0.40

Top users from this college

2Jacket de Splash£32,860.64

You're so so right.
ah, but in bumps, nothing is guaranteed...! ;-)
You just need to make sure you've got guaranteed dividends!
dividends should be handed out each day, if it's the same as last year.

But I managed to sell over 1000 at 4.50 ... I can buy a *lot* of lesser shares for that money.
what about dividends during bumps? or is it all sorted out at the end of the week??
They're pretty good...want to buy some shares at 5 quid? :)
Apart from the fact that the final value of the shares can be a maximum of 5. To actually buy shares at 4.50 (the current minimum as I type), you'd have to predict that they'd do *very* well.
These aren't silly prices.
Who's buying up all the Pembroke shares at silly prices ?

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