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Trading has ceased since bumpsdaq 2005 is now over. Thanks for playing!

Now that is a plan. Though I do have a feeling Tevildo may be onto something.

Buy Cauis III!
I suspect the appearance of Lucy Cavendish on the Bumps start order will be down to CUCBC not the captains of the respective boat clubs.
So maybe you can bribe (with Bumpsdaq money?) CUCBC to ensure they appear?
muppet wrote:
# There are *NO* other boats from this
# college composite being entered
# anywhere.


# I triple guarantee you

That sounds a lot like what was said about the syndicate ... :-)
You're assuming they go up. No more races between now and the Mays for them.
If it is a composite surely they should enter as one? That way we can all get a load of dividends....
I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that Lucy Cavendish is not entering Mays.
One of the two captains of Hughes Hall women said to me that they were entering only as Hughes.
But then she also said that about the Champs Head and they were down as a composite. :-)
The kit's mixed though.

Would suggest that they entered the Lents as a Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish composite on the women's side.

Indeed. But it is racing as Hughes Hall. Similarly you'll not find Hughes Hall women on the Lents finishing order. They were down as Lucy Cavendish there.
There are *NO* other boats from this college composite being entered anywhere.
Are Hughes Hall and Lucy Cav not entering as some sort of joint boat in bumps?
Sorry that this situation wasn't spotted and appropriate rules were in the help section.

If a college does not race in the bumps, their share price will be zero. This is consistent on two counts:

1) Viewing bumps as a race and share price as a dividend style payment, the logic for zero price is clear.

2) More appropriately, a share price of a pound indicates a single boat rowing over all four days. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I've put a lot of effort into some of my row-overs, so clearly this one pound has been earned on the water. Similarly, if a crew was entered and did not show on all four days, they would go down 4 and have a price of zero.

If two colleges entered a composite as the only crew from either college, then I would expect the share price (as calculated for the composite crew) to be split equally, in the same way as for dividends. I hope the situation with a composite where one college has other non-composite crews doesn't arise...
I reckon the help pages should be subtly modified to take this situation into account; I hope a definitive answer isn't given.
Any chance of a definitive answer on this one? If they don't compete in bumps will their final value be zero or 1 ? I'd have assumed zero but it would be nice to have confirmation one way or the other...
Better sell them then and make money with the proceeds.
FYI they are not competing in ANY races this term.
These shares are bought for their final value only, if they have any.
They don't even exist in the Mays table. The help page says "At the end of the game, shares are valued based on the results of bumps." But if there are no results from Bumps then how can this value of 1 be calculated given this condition?

Of course I bet Tim has programmed it to treat all colleges the same ie. assume they're in and get zero bumps so the argument must be moot.
well ... duh.
Since they will then have a net rise of zero places in bumps, does that mean that the final value of these will be 1?
They may yet enter races beforehand as Hughes/Lucy but that's up in the air.
Damn. And I'd bought a whole load of shares expecting them to blade, too. :-(
I really don't want to disappoint you people but Lucy Cav aren't competing in Bumps - they're rowing under Hughes Hall.

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