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Listed are the most competitive prices for shares on offer. People wanting to buy shares have their offers listed in green, with the price per share at the top and the number of shares they want at the bottom. People wanting to sell shares are listed in red in the same manner.

Trading has ceased since bumpsdaq 2005 is now over. Thanks for playing!

Dividends Paid

Champion Eights Head£0.10
May Bumps - Wednesday£0.10
May Bumps - Thursday£0.20
May Bumps - Friday£0.10
May Bumps - Saturday£0.20

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And now one of them has got Lyme's Disease in her foot. Argh.
Could have a handy replacement however...
Hughes women would be the only boat to get dividends I suspect. Apparently they're moving OK but I've not seen them for ages to confirm.

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