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Well I can sympathise with the MBC cox because the same happened to me recently and I was lucky to avoid a DQ.
They swerved a little off the start and kept coming across, ending up on the wrong side of the river and entangled with FaT. As there was no rudder problem or crabbing it could only be a DQ.
They innexplicably veered right into us off the start...

all those FaT shares gone to waste
What exactly did happen? I was hard at work and missed it - all I know is that there is a bit of our boat in my hallway, and we were DQ'd.
It's very amusing given what happened in the race between FaT and MBC.
I'm currently away at the minute, and not really in a position to spend time correcting this mistake. Dividends will stay as currently awarded.
Proabaly a bit late to change it now.
Still, you never know ...
Indeed, it seems to have gone to magdalene by mistake
Why don't FaT get their 0.50 bonus for winning Men's Lower???
Dead certs eh?
There were some scratchings which I only found out about *today*. There were two disqualifications as well.
I am typing up the full results, with verdicts, right now so you'll get the full lot so far.
Those holding Magdalene or Darwin shares will be chuffed. Caius and FaT share holders will be less pleased.
Betting closed, but did the draw actually go up? I checked yesterday mid-afternoon, there was no sign of it. I had some dead certs too. Will dividends still be paid?
The draw will be entered some time tomorrow assuming that muppet has some inside info that the web draw may be updated.
There may yet be a change to the draw on the website.
When will the draw be entered?

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