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Do dividends get awarded for the extra prizes for things like "best line round Ditton" etc ?
If there isn't an entry list, the site just locks all shares down, so dividends should be awarded as normal.
Hopefully whoever hits the bumpsdaq deadline button will remember to enter the crews first ...
Now official too... and the vet school are entered :D !!!

It's been up since tuesday. Hope it does- there's a lot of cash riding on it!
If no draw goes up - does this race still count dividends-wise?
I reckon that FaT will win quite a bit, but then I'm heavily biased.
I'd say 10 a share would be about right ...
Are these FaT boats any good?
MBC have entered a few too.
Looks interesting. No-one seems to have entered silly categories like in H-2-H though so there are fewer guaranteed dividends available.
Draw is up
FaT seem to have entered a large no of boats, as do Jesus...

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