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At the start of the game each user has £10,000 each in cash. Your cash total can be used to buy shares, put down deposits on bets, etc. To get a rough idea of how much a user is worth we calculate their assets. These assets include the cash, the nominal share value - the sum of the default values for each share held - and recoverable deposits. Unmatched offers can be cancelled at any time, with the deposit paid for the offer being recoverable.

To make the game more fair, as users make more money the games forces them to bank some of money. It works on a marginal banding system, like income tax. Up to £15,000 your money is all yours. Between this and £20,000, bumpsdaq will automatically bank 10% of your assets above the £15,000 threshold. So if you have £16,000, bumpsdaq will bank 10% of £1,000, or £100 for you. Assets above £20,000 is banked at 20%, above £30,000 is banked at 30%, and assets above £45,000 is banked at 40%. Again, all calculations are done on the marginal value - so if you had £50,000, bumpsdaq would automatically bank 10% of £5,000, 20% of £10,000, 30% of £15,000 and 40% of £5,000. This comes to a total of £9,000. The banking calculation is made each time an event has it's results processed. When we decide to bank some assets the majority of cash is banked, and we keep track of the remaining value which needs to be banked. Any incoming money, from event results or selling shares will have 90% diverted into the bank account with the remainder going into your cash account.

The Users page has a ranking chart. This uses the total assets added to the amount banked, and also lists the change in this figure over the last 10 days.

Money banked cannot be used for active trading. In the situation where money has been banked and assets decrease to under £2,500, we allow money to be withdrawn from the bank and added to cash. The cash value is increased up to £5,000, if there are sufficient funds in the bank account.

Users can see their account breakdown, displayed on the My Account page. This lists the current cash value, the amount banked, and the breakdown of other assets. It also displays the total liabilities and gain from outcome betting - the most you can lose or gain if all bets go with you or against you. This information is also displayed in a graphic, which display the change in these figures over time. The quick help box gives full information about this graphic.

Usernames, viewed from the ranking chart or message boards, are links to view other people's history chart. This shows the history of that user, although the exact breakdown is not available for other users.

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