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Trading in shares

You can make an offer to buy shares from other users. Go to the shares page and click on the college you want to buy. There is a list of all the trading offers already there. The best price per share on offer to buy will be filled in the price box in the buy column - select how many shares you want at this price and click on 'buy price'. Alternatively if you want to buy at a cheaper price, lower the price, set how many shares you want, and click 'buy price'. Either operation will cost the total value of the trade, the price multiplied by the number traded.

If you make an offer to buy shares, you pay this deposit of the trade value. If you cancel this offer, you receive the deposit in full.

Alternatively if you own shares you can offer them for sale. You can either sell them to someone who has made an offer to buy - their price offered will be filled in the price box in the sell column. Change the number of shares traded if necessary and click on 'sell price'. Alternatively set your own higher price you want per share, fill in how many shares you want to sell, and click on 'sell price'.

When selling shares, those shares are now reserved for sale - you can't make two offers to sell which would sell the same shares. Dividends are still awarded if shares are reserved for sale.

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