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Displaying unmatched offers

In all areas of the site unmatched offers are displayed the same way. Each bet or item to trade is listed in a single line, with the name of the bet or item in the left column. There are typically links to other related areas of the site in small text below the name.

In the middle of the line are colour coded boxes showing the 4 most competitive offers for each half of the bet or trade.

For outcome bets, offers to lay the bet are in green, with the odds in large font and the total stake on offer below in small text. Offers to back are in red. For share trading offers to buy are in green, with the price per share in large font and the number of items required in small font: offers to sell are in red.

All offers are listed in order, so the most competitive offers are in the middle. They may be other less competitive offers to buy or sell not listed in this format - there is a link at the right hand end of the line to the 'Info'. This page includes how many unmatched and matched offers there are with the total volume, and also a full list of all unmatched and matched offers.

In these displays if two users make the same offer, the sum of the stakes will be shown. If a third user matches some of the full stake on offer, they will first match the user who made the offer first.

The 'Info' page also displays a graphical history of this bet or item to trade. This can show the history over multiple timescales, using the tabbed links at the top of the page. Over the timescale selected it will show the best price to buy and sell, plus other statistics. The quick help system displays a message below the graphic fully explaining what is shown.

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