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Matching offers

After placing an offer, other users may match all or part of the stake you offer. When matched, an entry will appear in the list of your outcome bets (the 'Mine' link). Any unmatched stake still outstanding can be removed from this page, or will be removed automatically if the removal option was selected. In this situation the deposit will be returned in full.

When the deadline for this event passes, all unmatched offers will be cancelled, again with deposits returned in full. All remanding matched bets will then be settled once the results for the event are released. Any bets declared void are cancelled, with deposits returned in full. Bets with valid results will then be settled, with payments made where necessary.

The results used to settle bets will be the official results published most recently when the results are calculated. Subsequent revisions or alterations to results are ignored. If a single user has multiple bets some of which are won and some are lost, the profits received will cover the payments made if the user has few assets to otherwise pay.

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