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How to place a bet

To place a bet you need to identify the crew or crews involved. Each event has the boat categories listed on the bet page. This means that you pick the crew based on the category the crew enters. For instance, Bedford Regatta has a Men's College 8+ category. To bet on a crew entered in this category, just select this from the drop down box. If there are multiple crews from a single college entered in the same category, pick the 'A', 'B', or 'C' crew option.

To create a new bet go to the outcome page and pick the event you want to bet on. You can then pick the type of bet you want, and the crew involved. If the bet involves two crews, select the second crew as well. If you want your offer to be removed from the site automatically after a given length of time, select the time interval from the options. If you want to lay the bet, fill the odds and stake in that column and click on 'lay bet', otherwise fill in the odds and stake boxes in the back column and click on 'back bet'. Your offer is now advertised on the site, waiting for another user to agree to your odds and match some or all of your stake.

For an existing bet, click on the bet name to go to that bet page. The details are filled in, with just the automatic removal option, and the odds and stake boxes to fill in. The lay boxes are filled in with the best current offer to back the bet - click on 'lay bet' to match this offer and agree to the bet. Otherwise if you want to lay a bet with better (lower) odds then change the odds field and click 'lay bet' - this will place your own offer for other people to match. Similarly for backing bets, the best current offer of someone willing to lay this bet will be filled in already, click on 'back bet' to agree to these odds and match the stake. Otherwise increase the odds to place your own offer. When matching a bet you can decrease the stake offered, and you will just match the stake you select.

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