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Types of outcome bet

This is a list of the different type of outcome events, listed by the type of event allowing these bets.

Both head races and regattas have the first two outcome bets: you can bet for a crew to win their category, and for a crew to beat another crew. For crews winning their category, bets are declared void if the crew is not entered for the event - they don't appear on the official entry list. For crews beating another crew in a head race, both crews must have times listed on the results, or in the Getting On Race one crew gets on and the other doesn't and is listed with a time. In a regatta the crews must meet each other and race. If the crews meet multiple times in a single event (for events with repachages) the last race together is used to determine the result. If the crews do not race against each other the bet is declared void.

For regattas we also allow outcome bets on whether a crew wins its first race, and whether a crew wins its first and second race. If the crew is not on the entry list for the regatta the bet will be declared void, and win means to come first rather than to get through to the next round (in the case of multilane events).

For the Getting On Race there are two extra bets, whether a crew gets on and whether a crew doesn't get on. These bets are declared void if the crew is not listed in the official entry list for the race.

For all bumps races we have the following five outcome bets. We can bet on crews bumping up, which means that during the course of that day they achieve a bump - this includes getting overbumps, etc. We can also bet on a crew overbumping and a crew double-overbumping (or more), which mean that in a bumps races that day the crew bumps a crew at least three in front in the start order for that race, or at least five or more places above in the start order for that race. We can also bet on a crew bumping twice in one day which means that the crew races at least twice in different races in the same day and achieves a bump (or overbump or more) in these two races. Finally we can bet that a crew finishes that day in head position. This means that after racing that day the crew is ahead of all crews. Note that we do not count lower boat headships to be valid. If crews are scheduled for a re-row the next day, the standing at the end of that day will be used, ignoring the scheduled re-row. All these bets are void if the crew is not listed on the official start order for that days racing, technical bumps and actual bumps are equally valid - disallowed bumps obviously do not count.

For the last day of bumps racing we have two additional bets, that a crew will win blades, and that a crew will win spoons. The definition of blades is that a crew either finishes in head position overall, or that they gain at least 4 places due to bumping, and they are not bumped during the course of the week. The definition of spoons used is that the crew either finishes bottom of the river, or they lose at least 4 places through being bumped and they never bump. These two bets are declared void if the crew is not listed on the official start list for any of the four days of bumps.

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