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Outcome Betting

An outcome bet is something that may either happen or not - you are betting on the outcome of an event. An example might be that Trinity Hall Men entered in the Mays 1st Division category will win their first race at 99's regatta. To make up an outcome bet you need two people, one playing the part of the bookie by laying the bet, one playing the part of the punter by backing the bet. The two users can decide the odds for the bet, and the stake - the quantity of money wagered on this bet.

In bumpsdaq you are allowed to choose what you bet for - if you thought that your crew was going to bump on the first day of bumps, you would go to that event page, select your crew, select that type of bet, and pick the odds you want and the quantity of stake you are prepared to wager, and back the bet. bumpsdaq would then list your offer on your college page, the event's outcome bet page and on the main outcome bet page. If someone thought that you were unlikely to bump, and were happy with the odds you want, they would lay this bet. This agreement between the two users is called a matched bet. This bet would then be settled when the results from that day are published.

In general if the bet is uncontested, then the result of the outcome is declared void, and neither user wins or loses.

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