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bumpsdaq 2005

The is the bumpsdaq 2005 help system. Please have a look around to learn how to play the game. There may be useful information in the central message boards as well. Please contact if you find any mistakes or information missing on this help system.

Dummies guide to bumpsdaq

The simplest way to play bumpsdaq is to trade in shares. You buy shares in a college, and can sell them to other people. If you own shares you get money if that college does well.

Click on 'My Shares', and buy some share packages to start with. In each package is one share in each college. Now click on 'Shares Trading'. The highest price listed in green are shares wanted by other users, the lowest price listed in red are shares for sale. If you want to trade shares, click on the college name - 'Caius Shares' for example. Then click on 'Buy Price' or 'Sell Price' to buy or sell shares at the price offered.

The top left hand corner of the page lists your current cash - cash doesn't earn you anything, so buy shares trying to avoid colleges you think will do badly and buying lots in the colleges you think will do well. Don't spend all your money straight away though, make sure you have some money left over to pick up a bargin when you see it.

For more details on share trading, click on 'Share Trading' in the right hand help menu and look at the topics listed under there.

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